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Teku Medical Solutions was founded in December 2002 by Marcus Blunt and Shigeru Tanaka; we shared a passion for good design and doing things right, and having fun while working hard.

As former R&D engineers and project managers in small medical device startups and larger corporations, we've seen firsthand the advantages of outsourcing for concurrent product development.

We also learned that in order for that resource to be most effective, it must be capable of designing and engineering a product while incorporating the other aspects of product development including documentation, testing, Manufacturing, and Quality issues.

We formed TEKU so we could provide a unique service to fellow engineers and project managers in the medical device industry; a resource that knows what it really takes to design and guide a product from concept through production. We want to be part of a company's efforts to bring a good product to the market, sharing our experience and work ethic to make the project a success.

Marcus has managed Teku since 2005, working with other independent partners to provide valuable support to medical device clients in the Bay Area.

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